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There’s a lot of publicity about college admissions these days. While part of it is justified, some of it is not. Admission offers to the most selective colleges and universities are sometimes difficult to predict, even for the most competitive students. The good news is that there is a college for everyone and most colleges and universities maintain a very high acceptance rate among applicants. A student should almost always be accepted at several of his/her choices. The key factor is to target the list so that it includes some reaches, some competitive, and some likely schools. And of course, the student should be excited about the schools that go on the list.

An internet search for colleges always turns up interesting results. Some of the schools are possible matches, but a computer search cannot see, feel, or empathize with a student. It does not understand a fit between personalities and student values. It cannot be subjective.

That’s why working one on one with a professional college counselor can be invaluable. The human touch is absolutely essential in order to make the right match and find the right fit.

How do we do it?

  • We try to get to know as much as possible about the student — their background, interests, and ambitions
  • Provide personality tests and learning style surveys
  • Refine the list of colleges the student could apply to
  • Brainstorm ideas for and work on essays
  • Assist with financial aid information
  • Help with the final selection
  • Answer all the questions that come up along the way

Perhaps the most important role we can play is that of coach, cheerleader, and objective third party for all of you in a process that can, at times, become a bit stressful within the family.

Academic calendar is not always the same in different countries. The above chart is the general intake dates for start of degree programs. Language courses admissions are available almost every week (in some countries) or after a month.

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IELTS / TOEFL Preparation

Even though currently we have lots of small and big institutions around us in India and in other provinces which can solve the English test preparations but Nizamia Education Group can also offer an IELTS/ TOEFL classes with numerous facilities to strengthen you preparation and cooperate in achieving best result via its popular and experienced instructors.
For more information, please send an email or directly contact the office located in your country

Air Ticket Bookings

Now you don’t need to worry about the air ticketing. Nizamia Education Group can avail you air tickets on your departure at its low costs. Nizamia Education Group also has connections with travel agencies in 102 Countries to facilitate you with the air tickets of business and economic classes

Appointments and Medical
Test Places

Are you troubled with making appointments for medical test and embassies? No worries, Nizamia Education Group can set up appointments for both, medical checkup and as well as for the embassies. As we that many countries do not have their embassies in Some Countries, the students are required to travel to neighboring countries in order to process there visa applications, thus we are always there to sort out your problems alongside other academic solutions.